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On Tuesday, June 16
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
[ Last Date for Registration: 15.06.2020 (9:30 PM) ]
Registration Fee: Rs. 50/-
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About The Workshop

The Resume Building Workshop will be conducted for all job-seeking candidates irrespective of whether you are a fresher or a professional.

This workshops aims to improve your CV and help you to be recognized by the Interviewer or HR even before the interviews starts.

Our main aim is to impress the HR or Interviewer, as this will give you an advantage over other 1000s of candidates with whom you will be competing.

This workshop will help you to build a perfect resume, your cover letter and how can you present yourself in front of interviewer. (Note: Grooming is not the only thing that the interviewer want, there are some very important aspects that an interviewer looks at.)

What would you gain?

Here are the points and questions that we will cover during the session:

  • How can I create a winning CV?
  • How to increase my chances of getting selected in an interview?
  • What should and shouldn’t I add in my CV?
  • How can a cover letter increase my chances of getting an interview schedule, even if the CV is not too great?
  • Does social media help me in getting calls from a company HR?
  • What should be the maximum length of a CV? Should it be 1 page or 2 pages or 3 pages?
  • What are other ways to apply for a job, rather than waiting for Job Alerts from different sources?
  • How can I get calls from Fortune 500 listed companies like Google, Amazon, Samsung, etc.?
  • What is the current Job Scenario and how should I go through with it to land myself a good job?

We will also have a “Question & Answers“, wherein you can ask any questions related to jobs and resume building.

We will also provide you with a “Resume Template” for Freshers, Experience and Professional candidates.

Resume Building Workshop

Who can attend the workshop?

Anyone, irrespective of your Field, or your Branch. Any Job Seeker can register.

Workshop Cost

Rs. 50/- Only.

What happens on clicking the “Register” button?

After clicking the register button, you will be:

  • Redirected to a Form
  • Enter all the details
  • Proceed with the payment
  • After payment you will be redirected to a page, where a WhatsApp Joining link will be provided.
  • Join the group, all further information will be shared via WhatsApp.

Note: After payment, you will receive a payment receipt on your email. Please do not delete the payment receipt, until the workshop ends.

Questions …

Many of you might be having questions like, “Is it worth attending the workshop?“, “I can even get all the contents online if I googled it?“, “Why should I spend my 50 Rs here?“.

Yes, you can get everything online, thanks to GOOGLE. But here, our aim is to help you, guide you, want you to know what the current scenario is, share information with each other, provide you with a live Q&A, to solve all your queries or any doubts you may have.

If you like our motto and want to attend the workshop. Click on the “Register” button below.

Register By: 15.06.2020 (9:30 PM)

Get Notified via mail for the next session of the workshop,

Thank You

For any queries:

WhatsApp: 8828170298 (Only WhatsApp)
Email: [email protected]

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